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Rendezvous With Pierre Cardin. Pierre CARDIN fête 29 ans de développement dans l'Empire du milieu: se promenant place de la Concorde à PARIS abrité sous un grand parapluie rouge .. (Photo by Bruno Bachelet / Paris Match via Getty Images)

The French Fashion Futurist born in Italy

Pierre Cardin the French Fashion Futurist lived through the era of the race to the moon and yet today he continues to futuristic fashions for the new generations.

Since arriving in the epicenter of culture and fashion in 1944, Cardin has become a respected name in the business known for contributing artistic couture to the fashion world. His empire is an embodiment of Parisian culture and every creation is a key to experiencing some of the glamour and splendor that is lost in everyday life. His styles are bold but effortless, and they follow the latest fashion aesthetics while still withstanding the test of time.

Pierre Cardin started his career in the House of Dior where he started off working as a tailor. He found his niche creating haute-couture that was inaccessible for the average person. Noticing the opportunity in the market, Cardin was the first of the high fashion designers to create streetwear. He saw the public crave the kind of beauty and style that emulated from his high-fashion looks and he made it accessible. This was a revolutionary thought at the time, but his passion for creating beautiful clothing that could still walk the streets of any city has been the driving force behind his business for decades. However, his talents permeated every aspect of culture, from street fashion to high-end couture. In fact, after World War II he joined the Parisian fashion house of Paquin, where he helped design the costumes for Jean Cocteau's film Beauty and the Beast.

Cardin took risks with his brand beyond futuristic designs. He was received by Pope Jean-Paul II in 1988, and he has used his fashion to build global bridges. He was the first designer to host a runway show at Moscow’s Red Palace with an audience of 200,000 people. He hosted a runway show in the Gobi desert of China in 2007. Cardin connected people worldwide using art and beauty to help them see their similarities rather than their differences.

In 2010, Cardin was honored with the Legend Award by the Fashion Group in New York. He has also been named an honorary ambassador by the UNESCO. Today, at the age of 97, Pierre Cardin resides in Italy, a living fashion icon and the man who changed the world of fashion as we know it.

A Pierre Cardin timepiece is the embodiment of decades of French street fashion combined with haute couture. He used his expertise in construction and sculpture to create dramatic geometric silhouettes that defied traditional feminine shapes and invoked a feeling of Space-Age modernity.

The Moulin Rouge, the Canal St. Martin, and the iconic Marais all contribute to the spirit of a Pierre Cardin watch. His collection provides a look for every taste that all incorporate the urban beauty and refinement of Paris. He has named collections after these influential areas as a nod to the city that shaped his career and his taste.

There is a reason that Pierre Cardin’s designs are acclaimed worldwide. Every watch is an adventure of his ideas, past, and future, shaping two worlds together.

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