All Pierre Cardin watches have been carefully checked and are in perfect working condition. It is warranted, by the company shown on the back of the certificate, for a period of two years from the date of purchase.

Every wristwatch has been tested for water-resistance, which is covered under the warranty provided that it has not been subjected to any improper handling or accident and the glass, crown and push button(s) have not been damaged. The warranty covers any malfunction in materials and workmanship during the warranty period of your watch will be repaired free of charge with the presentation of the warranty certificate and timepiece.

Any damage resulting from inappropriate use is excluded from the warranty, as is the battery, crystal, and wear to the case and strap or bracelet. In case of any malfunction during the warranty period, your watch will be repaired free of charge on presentation of the guarantee certificate, fully completed and signed, showing the model number of the watch. Should your watch need service, please contact us.



If your watch experiences any damage to check if it is covered by warranty please read the information below: 

Your Pierre Cardin watch is guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects. 

The warranty is void if your watch was not purchased from an authorized Pierre Cardin retailerHere you can find a list of the official distributors 

- The warranty is void in case of loss or theft.  

The warranty does not cover the battery, strap, bracelet, crystal and crown, nor does it cover damages arising from normal wear and tear, lack of care, accidents or misuse, or from any alteration, service or repair performed by any party other than an authorized Pierre Cardin service center. 

- Your Pierre Cardin Watch is not waterproof but only splash resistant (up to 3 ATM). Consequently, water penetration and/or damage caused by water contact are not covered by the warranty. 

- The watch must not be exposed to any chemical substances such as perfume, cosmetics and cleaning products. Any discoloration caused by one of the named substances or a similar one are not covered by the warranty. 

- Any kind of maintenance like cleaning, crystal polishing, battery change etc. is not covered by the warranty. 

- In case of a defect covered by this limited warranty your watch will be repaired or replaced, at the sole choice of the authorized service center, free of charge. 

-  Any further obligations including liability for incidental, consequential or special damage and any implied warranties are expressly excluded from this warranty. 

- Proof of purchase and/or a valid warranty card (duly stamped and dated by an authorized Pierre Cardin dealer) are required for all warranty claims.  

- Regardless of whether the service is covered by warranty or not, the shipment costs will be borne by the customer. 


If you still have doubts about whether you have right to warranty or not, please contact us