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Born in Italy in 1922, Pierre Cardin was an innovator, disruptor and visionary designer.


He grows up in France. Fascinated by the world of fashion, he starts an apprenticeship with a tailor when he is 14 and later moves to Paris to work in the couture industry while studying architecture.


Soon after arriving in the capital, he crosses path with Christian Dior, who asks him to work in his newly opened atelier. In 1950, feeling that the industry is changing, he takes his chance and opens his very own maison de couture. He presents his first collection in 1953, and immediately achieves resounding success. Thanks to his futuristic style, daring and bold creativity, Cardin soon builds a name for himself. From there on, every step of the couturier is a winning move. He presents innovative and visionary collections, he dresses the Beatles, he pioneers prêt-à-porter bringing high fashion to the middle classes... Foreseeing licensing’s opportunities, during more than 70 years of career he managed to spread his unique design around the world. Today, Pierre Cardin’s aesthetic is globally recognized and continues to have a major influence in the fashion world. Exhibitions pay tribute to his achievements all around the world: in New York (as of July 2019), in Dusseldorf Germany (as of September 2019), and in the designer’s own museum in Paris.


Our watches celebrate the authentic and effortless Parisian lifestyle. They are bold yet elegant and sleek. A distinctive celebration of la joie de vivre – the joy of life.

Pierre Cardin’s iconic signature designs combined with current trends, continuously inspire our collections. The result are must have timepieces, destined to become timeless.


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