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Losing time at beloved Canal St Martin

Losing time at beloved Canal St Martin

Small bistros and fashionable bars. Independent shops. The beloved Canal St. Martin and its famous iron footbridges are where you want to be. On a summer night, the district comes alive with cool vibes and one gets the impression that all of Paris’ youth can be found here, sipping wine al fresco.

Forget the Seine. This is where the locals hang out.

Here in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, the vibrant, hip, and trendy make themselves known. You may find some locals playing boules in one of the sandbanks along the water, or perhaps find couples strolling hand in hand along the river banks. But whatever you find, you can be sure that folks here live life on their terms.

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How Canal St. Martin Came to Be

This romantic canal, away from the crowds, is 4.6km long, first constructed in the 19th century and completed in 1825. It was commissioned by Napoleon I in 1802 to increase the water supply in a fast-growing Paris at a time when freshwater was sorely needed. It stretches from the Canal d’Ourcq to the North and empties into the Seine in the south.

Every 10 to 15 years, the canal is drained for cleaning, which amounts to a veritable treasure hunt for lost items that have found their way to the bottom: bicycles, old furniture, and long lost items, never to be returned to their owners.

The Best Way to Spend a Day in Paris

There’s no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to wander along the canal’s banks, have a picnic lunch, and simply people-watch in one of Paris’ most quirky locales. But if it’s more of a scenic adventure you crave, hop on board a barge and sail down the canal. It will offer you an entirely new perspective of the neighborhood.

Back on land, admire some of the fantastic street art, brought to you by such well-known artists as Alfred Sisley and Miss Tic. It also makes for some great street photography. And if you are a movie buff, films such as Amelie, Les Malheurs d’Alfred, and Hotel du Nord have been filmed along the canal.

Speaking of which, the Hotel du Nord itself is located in a picturesque spot along the water’s edge. Pop into the hotel for a meal and a drink to experience authentic Parisian cuisine, or just enjoy a coffee. And if you want to stay in this historic, three-star delight, the rates are reasonable.

For something a bit trendier, head to Chez Prune. Aptly named, it is a plum-colored bar with a quirky, upbeat vibe, and always a lively place to see and be seen. The coffee is superb and the menu is always changing.

Visiting the Canal St. Martin is best experienced during the warmer months of late Spring through early Autumn when the light lasts well into the evening.

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